Past Shows


by Kander & Ebb

Performed February 2017 at Secret Locations

Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome…

The infamous KIT KAT KLUB is re-opening its doors for four nights only. Join us for a wild evening in the seediest joint of 1930s Berlin…
‘Leave your troubles outside. Here life is beautiful’, famously proclaims Emcee. Yet you should not expect a straightforward evening of merry dancehall entertainment. Over the course of the performance, as the political setting increasingly encroaches upon the soon-to-disappear Kit Kat Klub, the superficiality of its pseudo-glamorous façade is to be made uncomfortably clear. ‘You doubt yourself,’ says Jasmin, ‘watching it and acting it.’ Or, as Myles puts it: ‘It’s all founded on pillars of… glitter'