Past Shows

Medea Speaks

by Franca Rame

Performed August 2019 at The Edinburgh Fringe

Medea Speaks is a rallying cry to take the conversation begun by #MeToo further and deeper. This powerful, timely production uses Franca Rame’s acclaimed feminist re-telling of Medea to put the fight for equality centre stage. Shocking, exhilarating and deeply provocative it asks whether women can ever free themselves from patriarchal control.

The project comes from award-winning journalist and author Jennifer Nadel, who most recently penned WE: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere with Gillian Anderson, and co-founded Compassion in Politics. At a time when Medea’s story and Rame’s text are more relevant than ever, Nadel co-directs with Myles O’Gorman from Helikon Theatre Company, an exciting new theatre company with recent success in their “spectacular” adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale (Mark Aspen Blog). With acclaimed actor Cathy Conneff (winner of Best Supporting Actress at the Madrid International Film Festival) taking the title role, this fresh and urgent production combines the world of politics with the realm of the stage in what will be an unmissable and powerful experience.

Each performance is followed by a live panel discussion exploring the questions the play raises and inviting the audience to share their experiences. How are all our lives still impacted by power, abuse and coercion? What can be done to change that? Guest speakers include Nigerian director Ifeoma Fafunwa, Professor Sharon Cowan and Dr Chloe Kennedy from Edinburgh University, film director Nadira Murray and theatre-maker Tatiana Pavela.

"#MeToo has barely scraped the surface of the injustices and structural inequalities women face. Versions of Medea’s emotional experience, as recent cases of coercive control show, are being repeated every day in the UK. We must fight to end that."
Jennifer Nadel, co-director and author of WE: A Manifesto for Women and Sara Thornton: The Story of a Woman Who Killed

Listings information
Venue: theSpace on the Mile – Space 1 (Venue 39)
Dates: 19-24th August 2019
Time: 12:10 (45 mins)

MEDEA SPEAKS | Adapted from Franca Rame | Co-directed by Jennifer Nadel and Myles O'Gorman | Produced by Frances Livesey | Assistant Produced by Georgia Turnbull | Designed by Johnny King | Publicity Design by Andy Thornton
Cathy Conneff as Medea